Our Story

YouCanFreeUs is an international human rights organisation that is fighting modern slavery around the world through advocacy, rescue, and rehabilitation.

Our fight against modern slavery began in 2010. Since then, we have rescued and successfully rehabilitated hundreds of women and children through our strategic intervention hubs, safe houses, and training centres in different parts of the world.

Our prevention strategies include awareness campaigns through fashion, art and sports, and educational workshops in schools, corporations, and prisons. We have also developed LIBERTAS, a catalytic educational tool delivering innovative ways to fight modern slavery.

YouCanFreeUs UK

YouCanFreeUs UK was founded in 2017 as a response to the growth of modern slavery in several parts of the country.

YouCanFreeUs UK is focused on:

  • Raising public awareness on modern slavery in different communities around the UK through campaigns involving arts, fashion and sports, including several partnerships with business, as well as sales of merchandise.
  • Preventing modern slavery in the UK through educational initiatives in schools using LIBERTAS, our curriculum for the youth.
  • Supporting the rescue and long-term rehabilitation programmes for survivors of sex trafficking and other forms of forced labour, in our operations in India, through fundraising and networking events.

YouCanFreeUs UK is composed of a team of engaged volunteers that give support to our work in several areas and five trustees with extensive professional networks and vast experience in anti-modern slavery strategies. 

YouCanFreeUs is a non-profit organisation registered in the United States, Canada, Norway and India. In the UK, it is registered under charity commission number:1175146

Our Vision

A world without slavery where every human
is entitled to freedom and dignity

Our Team

Clarissa Drysdale-Anderson – Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Director

Clarissa is an Electrical Engineer with a Master’s degree in Business Strategy and Information Systems from the London School of Economics (LSE). She specializes in Sustainability and Impact Investment and holds diplomas from the Corporate Social Responsibility Executive Program at Harvard Business School and the Social Entrepreneurship Program at INSEAD.

Clarissa has a wide professional experience, having lived in the USA, Brazil, South Korea, UK, India and Qatar. She is currently based in London where she works for LIVOGO, a boutique ESG advisory firm she co-founded in 2016. Clarissa is passionate about fighting human trafficking and raising awareness about modern slavery through education in schools and training in corporations. She and her husband, Donald, live in London with their three wonderful children.


Sujo John – Founder and UK Director

Sujo moved from India to the United States in February of 2001 seeking a new life of adventure and prosperity. He began his career in the North Tower of New York’s World Trade Center. Just six months later, the unthinkable happened when a terrorist attack brought both towers crashing to the ground. Sujo’s survival that fateful day proved to be a turning point in his life. He began to share his story of hope and resilience, hoping to inspire people to live out their full potential and to be a catalyst for change. He has been featured in national and international media including the National Geographic, BBC, CBC, Associated Press, The New York Times, Hindustan Times, Huffington Post, The Times-London, and The National Post.

Sujo is the founder of YouCanFreeUs and his fight against modern slavery has encouraged a network of global leaders to raise its voice against this evil of our times. Sujo’s most recent initiative has been to mobilize the global financial investment community to create a slavery-free world.

Visit – www.sujojohn.com for more info.

Emmy Wilson – Director

Emmy Wilson has lived in London for 50 years. She spent 14 years training and practising as both a State Registered Nurse and a Registered Sick Children’s Nurse, culminating in three years nursing those affected by HIV and AIDS.  In 1985 Emmy ended her nursing career to help those in society whose lifestyles made them most vulnerable to this disease. She began working with people suffering from AIDS, as well as those caught up in prostitution, drug addiction, alcoholism and homelessness.

Emmy became involved in prison work in 1991, helping as a part-time volunteer at Holloway Prison, once the largest women’s prison in London. In December 1994, she began taking teams to other prisons in the UK. This work grew rapidly and Emmy has since visited prisons all around the world, in more than 40 countries in six continents. She has become involved in the fight against human trafficking – having visited brothels in Calcutta and Mumbai – and is passionate not only to raise awareness about this vital work, but to help those enslaved to find freedom.

Naina Sharon Anand – Director

Naina is the founder of a British multi-family office, ACT, and managing partner in Synergy Asset Management, a Swiss company which manages wealth of some of the world’s wealthiest families. She has over 15 years of experience in Private Banking and developed the Global Business Corridor at Standard Chartered Bank, London.

She has been Head of Capital at WWG, a fintech blockchain venture which is backed by the British Government and is working towards the delivery of the SDGs. She holds a PCIAM from CISI, UK and an MBA in Marketing from Andrews University, Michigan, USA.  She is a strong advocate of philanthropy and believes that one should not withhold good from anyone when it is in one’s power to act.

Don Anderson – Director

Don was brought up in Kenya, East Africa before obtaining a BA from Leeds University and an MBA from Manchester Business School. During the course of working for the Royal Dutch Shell Group, he lived in five different countries before finishing his career in Oil and Gas as an advisor to the Minister of Energy and Industry in Qatar.

Don has specialised in restructuring companies, developing energy projects and in Mergers and Acquisitions. He is an investor in technology ventures that offer sustainable solutions to improve Energy and Operational efficiency, addressing the SDG – Sustainable Development Goals. Don is passionate about people and believes in the power of training, coaching and mentoring. He lives in London with his wife Clarissa and three children.

Our Global Locations

YouCanFreeUs UK

Clarissa Drysdale-Anderson, UK President

Suite 214, 28 Brompton Road
South Kensington
London SW7 3SS

Call: +44 7495 315236
Email: clarissa@youcanfree.us

YouCanFreeUs Foundation

Corporate Office

Mailing address
P. O. Box 271596
Flower Mound, TX 75027

Call: +1 940 725 3200
Email: info@youcanfree.us

YouCanFreeUs INDIA

Sheethal J Kalanjali, CEO, India

DBS Business Center, Bldg No 213,
2nd Floor, Raheja Chambers
Free Press Journal Road
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021

Call: +91 22 4050 9200
Email: indiaoffice@youcanfree.us
Website: www.youcanfreeusindia.org


Megan Roach, Canada Director

Call: +1 780 871 8491
Email: megan@youcanfree.us


Kari Skoklefald, Norway Director

Call: + 47 905 74386
Email: kari.skoklefald@gmail.com