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Dear friends, I hope 2024 is going great for you. Our commitment to making our world a more compassionate place is presenting us with exciting opportunities around the world.

We’ve been busy!

Our 2024 has been busy so far. We are celebrating new life and new beginnings - we just welcomed a young girl into our care, and one of our beneficiaries…

Highlights of 2023

Because of our generous donors and partners, we were able to make a great impact in 2023 – Here are some highlights of the year.

Merry Christmas

A day that changed world history... A day that changed humanity... Join us as we celebrate His birth.


Dear Friends, Thank you for the privilege of your friendship and support to YouCanFreeUs. The brutal terrorist attacks on Israel have shaken all of us. We watched scenes of Hamas…

Three New Rescues

The three boys pictured below, ages 9-13, were rescued last Friday from forced child labour at a hotel in Mumbai.

Kolkata Knowledge Centre Opening

YouCanFreeUs recently opened our Knowledge Centre in Kolkata, India. This is very special, as we just launched our operations in this city in 2022.

Big Rescue

Please celebrate with us today the rescue of these precious children. This rescue operation was months in the making. Often the tireless, very daring, and risky work of penetrating the…

International Widows Day

One of our board members recently returned from Ukraine, where he visited the widows we are serving and to follow upon our work.

Unlock Freedom Campaign 2023

We at YouCanFreeUs are shifting gears with our growth and expanding into newer areas to rescue more people and bring hope to those waiting.

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