The operations of YouCanFreeUs are sustained by the financial partnership of donors. Become part of a very special YouCanFreeUs Freedom Partners Group by donating £31 a month or any amount monthly.

Why be a monthly donor?
As a charity, it is important that YouCanFreeUs budgets monthly expenses to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the programs we offer. The cash flow provided by monthly donors ensures that we are not affected by the cycles of fundraising.

As a monthly partner, you have the assurance that each month your giving is making a difference in the fight against modern slavery.

What can your giving do to support survivors of modern slavery?

  • £125 per month provides food, shelter and clothing for one beneficiary
  • £100 per month provides education and life skills training for one beneficiary
  • £35 per month provides healthcare and wellness for one beneficiary
  • £360 per month provides complete rehabilitation for one beneficiary

YouCanFreeUs UK is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and with HMRC for Gift Aid. The YouCanFreeUs UK Charity Commission registration number is 1175146.

Donate Now

Fundraise For Us

As someone passionate to see modern slavery end, would you consider using your influence to introduce YouCanFreeUs to your friends, family and those in your workplace?

One of the easiest ways to fundraise is by using your social media platforms to raise funds for YouCanFreeUs on special occasions like your birthday.

Other fundraising ideas:

  1. Include YouCanFreeUs in your estate planning and will.
  2. Donate stocks to YouCanFreeUs.
  3. Host someone from the leadership of YouCanFreeUs for a talk in your organization.
  4. Organize a fundraising event – 5K walk/run, fashion event.
  5. If you have a business, donate a portion of your product sales or profits to the fight against modern slavery.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations around the world practice corporate social and environmental responsibility to contribute to the well-being of society.

When a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is implemented and results are properly measured and reported, the organisation can benefit from it in several areas including enhanced brand awareness and reputation, customer’s loyalty, employee satisfaction, supplier’s satisfaction, improved relationships with local communities and government, and a positive image to investors.

There are many actions in the area of modern slavery that can serve as a base for a CSR strategy in any organisation, depending on the sector and the business objectives of the company.

Some activities may include philanthropic giving, awareness campaigns on different media, empowerment of young women through skill training and job creation, legal and medical support, and partnerships for education. We would love to have a conversation with you about a CSR partnership.

Please contact us at to learn more about CSR and sustainability opportunities in partnership with YouCanFreeUs.

Volunteer With Us

At YouCanFreeUs, we are always open to the support of volunteers who give of their time to further our work. They participate in organising events, teaching, assisting in administration, documentation work, the exhibition of our products, or by sharing skills in other ways.

Our beneficiaries and staff eagerly look forward to time spent with volunteers, and our volunteers also find this experience extremely meaningful.

If you wish to volunteer with YouCanFreeUs, please send an e-mail describing your skills, areas of interest, and the duration you would like to volunteer.