COVID-19 Challenging Times

As Covid-19 hit India and the country went into lockdown, our brave beneficiaries were thinking of other victims still trapped in the red-light districts. They quickly began making masks for girls in the red-light area.

They have also been preparing for their certification tests and making jewelry during this COVID lockdown. Each of them is rooting for each other and doing very well during this difficult time. We are very grateful for all of you for your support in the fight against modern slavery.


One of our major wins has been the completion of our Life Skills Manual, which will also be made available to other non-profits fighting modern slavery. We were able to gather our years of experience in psychosocial care and life skills training and create a manual that will benefit survivors of modern slavery.

LIBERTAS, our prevention curriculum, is now available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle. Please click LIBERTAS for download.

Operations Management System – We are grateful to Dugnad Ai, a Norwegian company, for developing a cloud-based operations management system for YouCanFreeUs. With this tool, all of our beneficiary records will go online, thus reducing our carbon footprint and building efficiency and tools for Management Information Systems (MIS).

Face Masks – Our girls have learned to make masks and we are now receiving orders to make masks for retailers and fashion brands in India.

YouCanFreeUs India has a brand new

We have increased our presence on social media with more frequent posts. We hope to bring awareness to the problem but also highlight our work.

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